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Friday, January 02, 2009

A little ditty

This is a little something I picked up off something someone quoted that someone translated at some point which was written by somebody a while back about somebody a long time ago that I wanted to keep and so am putting it here which you're free to read:

quem neque fama deum nec fulmina nec minitanti
murmure compressit caelum, sed eo magis acrem
irritat animi virtutem, effringere ut arta
naturae primus portarum claustra cupiret.
ergo vivida vis animi pervicit, et extra
processit longe flammantia moenia mundi
atque omne immensum peragravit mente animoque,
unde refert nobis victor quid possit oriri,
quid nequeat, finita potestas denique cuique
quanam sit ratione atque alte terminus haerens.

[whom neither talk of the gods nor thunderbolts checked,
nor the sky with its vengeful roar,
but all the more spurred the fierceful spirit of his mind
to strive to first break through the close-set bolts of nature.
And so it was that the lively force of his mind prevailed,
and he passed on far beyond the fiery walls of the world,
and in mind and spirit traversed the boundless universe;
whence in victory he brings us tidings what can come to be
and what cannot,
and how each thing has its power limited
and its deep-set boundary stone.]

(Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, Book I, 68-77)

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