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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dinner and Dessert != Diner & Desert

(Agnostic logic)

Entrained to the glockenspiel
of silver on vitrified earth
the play of bells with the
syncopated bass of bolus creation
and oesophageal contractions.
Our hearts beat in time.
That's our home meal.

His plate sits empty
in fact, it remains in the cupboard
An eternally empty plate
That's a forever dessert
fit for the King

hungry for a higher meal
(I'd rather stop eating than dreaming)
I want to talk to somebody like God
(I'd rather be hungry than tired)
someone who knows to talk back
I make my diner exodus

The waitress
serves me my empty plate of dreams
"Can I get that takeaway?"
"You can only have it takeaway." is her reply.
"This food tastes of sand" I say
"I have the whole rock if you'd rather" is her reply.
Feeling like I've been served
I return home.

There stands before me
an open door. The fridge.
I look inside. A tiny marching band
plays "God Bless the Child" and my
Dharma guides me by the elbow and the
small of the back to the
table. Another home meal.

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