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Monday, February 02, 2009

Death and Taxes with a nod to Cowper

to say
when I was born
and held at the ankles in air
given that first quick indignity and cried
that cursed I would be to live a life without sin,
that it was the roar of a lion,
that He'd come again,
is inaccurate.

to aim worship
in my name
at an alter
under a steepled roof
eating bread and drinking wine
a statue of my mother
crying sacred oil
is unexpected

to expect
an eternal love
the forgiveness of your wrongs
even the luxury of my ear
attentive to your prayer
is misdirected

Pure pure language,
you are never right

immutable spirit,
I can't anticipate you

"amaranthine flower" of hope,
you die before every God

Say that I was born
to aim worship at the unexpected.
Say that I was born to delight at sleight of invisible hands.
Let's say I was born, curious and hopeful
without precision, without a written plot, fallibly mortal
to exactly compose to an end
to wing to float to roll
on air on water on land
the surfaces looking for my best way inside,
fire, æther, and my warm bed of earth.

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