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Monday, March 23, 2009

The anteater lemma

Surely every single
perfect thing
is transformed by love.

Let me give an example:
Level 1: The ant, which take their brains out for a walk, looking for food
Finding it, perfume the way with their own smell.

Level 2: With no name, a group of ants
collects this food

Level 3: This could go on for thirty-eight uncounted years. This affinity. This very same colony.

How can I call that anything but love?

You're not convinced.

After thirty-seven years, force your hand deep into the warm heart. Pull that queen into the light of the sun and pop her in your mouth. Eat one ant. Stand as every other ant walks away, for eight days, and then end. Discontinued, empty earth tunnels of ant intent become yours. You feed the young. You select a new Queen! And for the following decades you feed this colony every hair and nail-clipping that drops away. You make its parts parts of you. You make your parts parts of it.

At the end of those years, your years with the ants, is it artful understatement to say the aardvark, the echidna, that selfsame aptly named anteater is _not _your_friend? Transformed.

( If Α = μ AND μ =Ω THEN Α=Ω )

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