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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here's a subject that doesn't get much attention, Olympic racewalking. Nor should it, in its current form. I propose to change the Olympic racewalk. Seems to me there's little point in making racewalking a "speed" oriented endeavour. The racewalk should be a pure endurance race. The racewalkers should be allowed to start walking as soon as the cauldron is lit - the first event to start. And then, as the cauldron is put out, the racewalk ends. The absolute distance of the racewalkers is then measured from the cauldron. The longest distance wins. This combines endurance with orienteering, strategy, drama? so much more than the seemingly subjective judging and chronic DQs of the current format. I think about these things when walking to and from the train station. The End.

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