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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ethno Fantastic Ted Talk

Wade Davis of National Geographic TED Talk:

I vacillated between wanting to "move along" to get away from the boorish earnestness of Mr. Davis and being at the point of tears hearing his stories.

He talks about many things, but saves the best for last - such as the idea of the Inuit seeing cold as a tool rather than a problem. Did you know that the olde-skool Inuit used frozen fish covered in caribou skin as the runners for their sleds?

It gets even better when he goes on to tell the story of a grandfather-survivor who, when stripped of all tools and weapons, and left alone, shit in his hand, fashioned a knife from that as it froze. Then used the knife to butcher an animal to create more tools and continue on living. But do listen to the talk, he has his moments of being a compelling story-teller. But more than that, the stories are incredible.

If you want more ethnofantastic stuff, in film form, I highly recommend (again) Atanarjuat - The Fast Runner

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