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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Moby Dick vs. Voss

I wasn’t sleeping well last night. With plenty of time to think, the mind wanders. I was remembering how I once was at an event just an arm’s length from David Marr. At the time he was doing Media Watch. I have to say, he’s almost perfectly built for the task. The depth and breadth of his chin indicate that his jawbone is actually more heavily reinforced than the average human, allowing him to deliver the vast weights of condescension that makes Media Watch so entertaining. And those world-worn eyes, they let us know “it’s just not good enough, but we know it’s hard, and we doubt you’ll ever actually get it right, so just bend over and take your Media Watch punishment should my very important nose get in your business”.

Anyhow, I’d wanted to somehow tell him these things, but didn’t. I’m shy. David Marr is also something of a Patrick White scholar, which is something we didn’t have in common at the time. But now that I’ve read Voss... So I was thinking that if I collared him these days I’d hit him with my latest theory (latest as of last night, unless you count the “dreams are made of finely pressed and cut tinfoil” theory which came to me in a dream (made of finely pressed and cut tinfoil) subsequently.

Thesis: It is possible to create an isomorphism between the big moving parts in Voss and Moby Dick. So, Voss is to Australia as Moby Dick is to America. Thusly:

Voss <=> Ahab
Ishmael<=>Laura Trevalian
White Whale<=>Destination
Quequeg<=>Freeman (forgot his name)
Pip<=>Aboriginal boy

I could probably go on if I were more familiar with the material. However if I were even a bit more familiar with the material I might start to find this relationship offensive.

So, of what use is this information? I don’t know. It seemed a lot more significant last night in the twilight of consciousness.

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