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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tinbergen’s gulls and Emperor Penguins

(When the red spot on her beak is bigger, the chicks peck harder.
I’ll refer you to the literature)

There’s a part of me the child-mind finds red
It’s getting bigger
And if ever I lay yoke of dharma aside
I’ll turn completely red, a cardinal
The ordinals pecking my beak
inspire my regurgitation of
1.fish,2. wine, 3.bread.
This is how my soul feeds.

There are beautifully made other Ways that soar.
I’ve heard the Call To Prayer all day today.
I’ve seen an open hand.
Whispers on wind have told me.
I’ve read in books.
It’s not that I don’t Know.
But falling in love with falling in love hardly seems a soul’s sake.

I’ll dive and soar under. I’ll hobble in the dark.
I’ll gather my own eggs on my feet. I’ll be the flightless father.

Standing on dirty snow, I can be good.
Come spring, bound to a putrid slurry, I can still be good.
In pelagic baptisms I can hunt, and be good.

The purpose I put my wings to,
How I am a bird now,
How I feed souls,
Can’t keep me from flying.

1 comment:

laamsha said...

thanks for this one too.
you are really an amazing person.
you nurture with effortless grace
and you are true to yourself
thanks for being an example
...that it can be done, and done