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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recommended pre-reading: equator/equation

A brief history of trying...

When meeting (in a chicken town,
In a theatre named after every chicken’s dream: The Phoenix)
in the company of friends
100lbs of sugar
A peck of cherries
2 gallons of coffee
Stir in light and the specific smell of post-teen angst
Who could help but loving everyone when we were so so so beautiful and full
Of equal parts sugar, cherries, coffee and light ourselves?

Then quietly sitting in tea-like times, where the heat of difference made no line-drying safe
A skilful border of affinity was built, not a bridge, nothing was crossed.
And this good fence was decorated with care, to lean on. Neighbour.
Our animals were domesticated, but their teeth remain sharp.
And with their lolling tongues, dripping life’s funk at our ankles
The cool tones of conversation are easy as a mountain temple brook
Ignoring the nearby torrent of melt it feeds.

And when the heavy red velvet curtain came down to fold on itself on the stage,
Pushing the pantomime’s peanut shells skritchily to the side
And we properly got more fulfilled in our other people’s lives
An actor, a former actor can look back on parts played.
A builder can look back on the fence now covered in time’s
Patina of ivy and moss. And I can take off some of that
Pretence of “actor” of “builder” and look at that you and
Just say it’s true, I care about you. I value you. I love you. I want the best for you.
I want my certain piece of you. You are my dear friend.

...to do the right thing

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