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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old news that big pharma is hiring university cheerleaders as a sales force:

Related news, research shows that men’s ability to be “sold” increases in the presence of "pretty" women, and their aversion to risk decreases.

Also, “exotic dancers” in oestrus get more tips. How? Why? We don’t know:

Also, Toxoplasma bacteria in rats makes them less risk-averse, so cats tend to be host vectors for Toxoplasma. The parasite does not get the cat sick. The cats give the parasite to their neighbouring rat/mice population which makes the rodents easier to hunt. But now research has shown that this same parasite affects human men and women differently. It influences women’s personalities to make them nice and outgoing. It influences men’s personalities to be nervous:

Goes to show that men and women are different (if you had any doubt).
If I were a business consultant, purely based on the findings of this research, I’d suggest no cats and lots of dancers at every location. I believe this is an obvious conclusion. This advice would be difficult to implement for businesses specializing in cats. But maybe it's instructive to observe that there aren't many of those businesses. And it might also be enlightening to compare the prevalence of cat-specialized businesses to those employing various styles of dancers. I hazard to guess the weight of numbers falls in favour of the dancers.

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