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Monday, October 19, 2009


What follows is a fictional account of a possible email chain between a recently re-employed former-stay-at-home-dad with his HR rep. Any resemblance to actual communication that took place last week is purely coincidental.

It picks up in mid-conversation after having been pulled up on a spelling mistake in a performance review document:


To: HR
You’re right it was spelled wrong. I’m a tragic speller. I think it may have been a Freudian slip, “tragectory” being a combination of the words tragic and trajectory. I think the sentence takes on certain poetic pathos with those meanings combined. Maybe a foreshadowing of the process of taking a sharp stone and washing it in a riverbed of sand until it takes on that dull sheen of jade. Speaking of which, is there any chance I can get my previous years of service stitched together with my current years, to get my seniority back or whatever it’s called? Can that be done? Is it already done?


From: HR

can't be done... will discuss with you

To: HR
The fish can hear the gentle click
Another facet has been removed
The rock is rounding
To its more pleasant shape
Of the moon in summer.

(not a formal 7-5-7 haiku, but you know what I’m getting at)


To date, no reply, no discussion.

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