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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not surfing

that smell of the ocean's lives
the ins and outs
all of life all of death

terrifying glimpses of fish with teeth
that very middle of our brain what tells us only 2 things
being the whole of theirs

being washed over by waves of anticipation
pulling back the sheet, clearing the mind to the task
awareness is increased, any light is enough

what will happen now over this bed?
swelling waves coupled in pairs of
peak and trough heave through

that most potential you
the many could be yous
your possible future histories
the stories you'll remember
pass you by

and with each wave of guilt not taken
a trough of remorse followed by a bigger
wave of terror and exhaustion
totally depleted and laying flat

what follows is as delicious as it is absent
a lull
you're noplace notime afloat adrift
something is over
it's heat death
outside yourself, ecstasy

and with accounts roughly balanced
with the little satisfaction you can take
from just having been there then
a quiet understanding swims away.

1 comment:

laamsha said...

oneric. entaglement. relief.....
the sum of the metaphors. all metaphors...
oceans, love...the salt.
thank you for your writing.

i'm a foggy headed morning, not sure what i'm saying.
i am grateful for the way you see it all.