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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Eye witness claims China hobbled the talks" , not sure how I feel about this. Sure, I'm not a fan of China. I believe they do kill political prisoners. I believe they do harvest organs and collagen for commercial purposes from executed prisoners. I believe both of these behaviours are emblematic of a broader something I don't agree with. But in this case, I say "Good on you China! Go you developing nation you!" They out-flanked everybody. They did the diplomatic and politically expedient thing they wanted to do. I think western "developed" countries probably misunderestimated them, and they got theirs (or should I say, we go ours.). While I don't agree with any of what China is about, and I'm not pro-China, I admire and respect the skilful manipulation of what amounts to the entire world. I think it's time some leaders stop taking their own desires, abilities, cultures for granted. There's a new power in the room, and they have a different way of doing things. Adapt or fail.

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