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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The joys loom tall as redwoods,
casting cool dense shadows.
In their shade a footprint of clover,
a ring of muscaria, a humus of last year's life.

the joys. the joys.
they run into the millions.
the weight of the joys
bends light around them.

my bow of light fractures
and reveals the colours
of my fourteen thousand days,
and twice again
as many dreams,
standing like trees,
my path made through them.

Even as my light moves on
the next people bend me into them
into their joys, their numbered days.

My path ends in the best of all possible ways.
I've told you what direction it was going.
That's enough. I go off piste, follow the game trails.
That most natural thing is most likely.
The joys are there.

1 comment:

laamsha said...

so amazing. your light bends around everything. your path and it's treasures of height and distance buoy us
( your satellites ) in something much more than the humble wooden shoes that we traverse in....
it's those friends ( and are there many?) that travel unafraid, that selflessly shine, that explore and that settle with the same fortitude and strength....it's those dear friends that are responsible for an illumination which makes the mundane not only bearable, but specific and divine.