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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beg, borrow, steal. Web 2.1 business model:

All these things (Google wave,buzz) are as useful as wires. Wires are great, but they require a lot of meta-configuration to become useful. Google is being good about chucking all the wires in the ring. They're asking us to crowdsource the reason for their being. And if one of the billion finds a reason with a business plan behind it, they're off and running. If not, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I still believe that the XMPP underlying these bits has potential (untapped) see: http://jasonkolb.com/ - whether you can say that something as complex as XMPP can go up against something as beautifully simple as HTML/tcp/ip/ftp (i.e. the original olde skool interwebs) , I have my doubts. I think the democracy of HTML is what made the web blow up. These other protocols are comparably more elitist. Oh, and "you know you're in trouble when" all the conversations on your web tool are about that web tool. (Buzz and Wave are infamous for this - email, IM, twitter, not so much)

a. not saying anything new and
b. not talking out of my a$$. I had a conversation with a Wave developer at a party. She said they don't know why they're making Wave. They're hoping we'll tell them.

She was also pretty clear that there are two paths or predicted uses of Wave.
1. Chat-like wiki.(not a lot of potential, but zero dev time to implement - i.e. it's how all the prols are using it now)
2. Application-based stuff ( a lot of potential here, but no visibility over the horizon of where the money will come from, long development time (i.e. nobody has ever done whatever-"it"-is before, but we believe there's an "it" to be done).

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