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Thursday, February 25, 2010

written June 2009, but never posted, have a look at www.hsx.com/:

Idea: entertainment futures

to solve the problem of posthumous income.

A futures market for entertainers and investors. As an artist, I sell posthumous income futures. So, no matter what happens, I'm dead, no worries.

Artists could buy other artists futures, or trade (hedge) futures. i.e. Paul McCartney’s billions should be equally distributed amongst all of his peer group band members that didn't make millions - it's a standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giants scheme.

This could be the new music industry model. Music companies not as distributors, but as brokers.

So artists get paid today on what they reckon they'll make after they're dead - or what they reckon their piers will make after they're dead.

It's more a retirement plan than a sure income, as unless your stocks rise, you wouldn't be able to split (and be over capitalised). And out the other end, when the future ripens(?) the investor gets their dividend if any.

So say I bought one share of 100 artists. If only one hits the "big time" I've probably made my money, and may, if I sit on it, make more.

It's sorta like a reverse mortgage for entertainers.

As a "knowledge worker" my income earning is over well before I pass away. But the question of "why should I make music if I can't make any money, or why should I write a book if I'll only hit after I'm dead? needs to be answered.

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