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Monday, March 08, 2010

How to get Greece out of the $hit.

Greece is the bassinet of western civilization. The Greeks have, in years past, given us nothing less than democracy, Pi, Pi-r-squared, philosophy, the Pythagorean theorem, the concept of the atom, the Hippocratic oath, etc. But these days the Greeks don't seem to be as forthcoming with innovation. They're in a spot of bother. How can we help?

Tongue firmly in cheek, I suggest we write little bits of code into every and any software program which uses any of the algorithms or ideas of Greek origin. The code would send notification of micro-payment to be made by the country of the licence holder. Countries could aggregate these micropayments into a flat tax applied to their population. So to the degree that a country uses Greek ideas/inventions to get ahead, that country pays Greece.

However unworkable the idea in reality, I think it would be interesting to monetize culture's idea-products. There would be heaps of unexpected/unintended consequences as markets formed.
I also think it's a bit funny how this "toy" idea mirrors IP. For some reason the discoveries of the Pythagoreans is terra nullius, but anything Metallica thinks up is "property".

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laamsha said...

brilliant....and funny. as usual. have you ever thought of running for office?