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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Or are we like clouds, which in passing resemble termite mounds?

When you travel in Australia
you realize that there is not only a
termite mound that looks just like you.
But that there is a mound for everyone
you were and everyone you will be.
They stand in the bush. Out there.
Some wait for you to become. Some
consider what you have been.
They are there, still.
They are so many.

(written on the iphone on a bus just outside of Purnululu National Park, WA)


laamsha said...

wow. where were you going?
you've gotta be the most existential person i know.
i guess i always thought that i was that person...but, golly..termite mounds...that's tough....

makes for some great existential poetry though...yup.

Anonymous said...

"existential" is such a french word. (french, as in dirty), but yes, we were driving 5 hours from the middle of nowhere for 5 hours to get just west of the middle of nowhere. The whole thing did start to resemble "No Exit", in that we were a small group, kept in a small space with not much to contemplate, except the road, the bush, the sky.

But my mind was far from Sartre. I was looking at these thousands and thousands of terminte mounds in the bush. They all resembled people standing in the trees. And I could see how, walking alone with your family group, for weeks at a time, without seeing any other people, that you'd be far outnumbered by the shapes of people. And you'd ask yourself, I've never seen so many people, and yet, I can see them out there, who are they? And this is what I figured an aboriginal person might have come up with, back in the dreamtime (which is to say, back when people first encountered symbols for things in their minds) Been reading a bit of aboriginal story, and out there, it all starts to come together - like a thunder-clap. There was a time before words. And now we're in a time after. What went on in minds, at that interface? What terror? What ecstacy? Who felt grace for the first time? Someone. I hold that the embodyment of that first grace still stands. The termite mounds are just a totem.