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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Above, the wind moves the water to wave
and we call them waves.
Below, the mantle moves the land
we call mountains.
And this is our curse, to cut stone.
Give every thing a name in every language,
to read the Word through every facet of that diamond.

Get thee to a road-cut.
Press your face against the conglomerate.
Listen to these tightly friended stones
at the face, telling you of their family deep inside, still.
Feel their bodies heating in the sun, heating again, a baptism for stone.
Then ask yourself what one is.

Break a rock in half, you have two rocks.
Break a watch in half, you have two rocks.

What is two?

And thirdly, there is you.
What have you to ask?
What do you have to ask?
What do you halve to ask?

1 comment:

laamie said...

so cool. thank you for writing.
i love the feeling that this one evokes