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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My sufic love,
all One body curled in
furls of smoke,
This image of You is so romantic.

But daily, really, You are my exact twin;
You the worker, which
having done Your day in Your cube,
we, the world, cannot know the difference.
You, the Father, can only be continually kissing goodbye.
You, the Son, are far far away.
You, the Lover, are never Known.

My Faith, total as Your absence. Complete.
Locked. Free to bend with You, to breath the smoke, to never ever
know Your eternity. You with everything, I give all to You, to un-mix, un-spin, decompose.

And when time comes, there will be no change. I will kiss goodbye, I will go to work, far away, unknown.

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