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Thursday, June 17, 2010

nostalgia, the disease,

affects beautiful, thoughtful people.
The treatment is slow immersion in a warm bath
of pictures and stories, which lead slowly towards
a clear image of today. Care should be taken
not to ignore the lesser senses of smell, taste, and touch,
in sating the libido for reverie.

The cedar chest I used to crawl inside, the one full of blankets and a sewing kit:
That smell combined with the heavy dark closed lid.

Those porcelain geisha dolls in the black lacquer-framed glass boxes:
A tickle in my palms that I'd like to reach inside, to touch her Kimono ( I never did. Good boy. Too late now.)

The ottomans' leather saddles and sinew strapping:
They made the creaking noise of a ship at sea when pushed.
And the thin hollow sound of the brass cups on the horns, they made your hands smell earthy.

The smell of burnt popcorn:
how an unusually curly black wig framed her bright blue eyes.

Lucky for me I am somewhat immune.

1 comment:

laamie said...

it's all so real and aptly described.
...i am smiling.