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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On learning

We packed seven of us in the Oldsmobile
we drove from Santa Cruz
to Gilman St., Berkeley
to see Bad Religion
two hours worth of diesel burned
Sold Out too.
And denied at the door.

(here again the young brains feel again the sting of another poorly conceived plan, again)

Defeated, all but one of us go for late night donuts.

(it's as if donut shops know they are a panacea to the pain of these lessons, and know to stay open for the newly arrived to the mistakes made at night)

Who was the one? Ethan.
How did he get in?
Walked in backwards.
It was a religious moment of ecstasy,
like watching the Dalai Lama eat a kebab.

When I think a valid place
in the landscape of every problem
is the possibility that the solution is to
walk in backwards, I taste donuts.

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