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Monday, June 21, 2010

The allegory of rainbows cast on the wall of a cave

I'm closing my eyes slowly
because I'm tired of what I look for,
petty things, in the hope
that I will dream of things to see
which make their light from
heat, physical colours.

So closed,
drops appear at the corners, like a magic medicine.
Blinking wicks them along my lashes
I see rainbows
and nothing sharp.
These aren't sleepy eyes. Tired of what I look for, small things,
they silently protest.

When eyes bow out, and we leave seeing
to the maps we've drawn before,
and add all we can imagine
And your ears curtsey cutely,
allowing hearing to make its own sounds
Feeling surrenders its arms, leaving you uneventful,
then, then the full life of sleep sweeps you along the vespertine vines.
This torpid slumping bag of skin belies diamonds of wonder
past words.

Come the morning, if we can
see the warbling rainbows of your light through this lattice,
if we can keep even just that. It'll be worth the day.

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laamie said...

oh wow!