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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Walking through Martin Place at 6pm on a Thursday night I wonder:

"At what price freedom?" (waiting for the end of financial year sales)

lest we forget
go shopping
lest we forget
buy something
lest we forget
consume it
lest we forget
renew it
lest we forget
download for free
lest we forget
record your favourite show
lest we forget

This better place of freedom is filling with the waste of it.
Just to find a place to put it all, we bury the soldiers in coffins lined with old circuit boards, their heads lay on pillows stuffed with the last years' phones. We wrap them in their own Danoz-direct-snuggie-blanket-jackets, bought off the TV by their mothers, waiting, awake at 1am, to be given them on their return from duty.

Before one more soldier dies for our freedom:
learn something new,
concern yourself,
decry. Know the depth and breadth of what has been earned. Know that bronze statues are heavy. They are not shopped for, bought, or free, and they are never replaced.

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