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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How I buy "free" bikes every other year

Firstly I don't actually buy a bike every other year. Well, I don't plan to. Sometimes it just happens that way.

But here's the math. The best price I can get on an annual train ticket is $1920 - that's a Multi-pass (allows for travel on train, bus, ferry). You already see where I'm going with this. All I need to do is commute on the bike for an equivalent value "$1920" to offset that cost. In my case this takes a year. So, if I rode to work every work day I'd be ahead maybe $1500 (because you have to discount for the extra utility of the annual MyMulti on weekends for daytrips, etc. ). If there were no "problems" I would be able to justify a new $1500 bike every year.

Problem 1: I don't ride every day.

I'm on schedule for an annual "daily" fare offset of $960 and it's mid-summer.

Problem 2 : Winter

The time is about to change. It'll get dark. It'll get cold. I'll take the train.

Problem 3 : Other

There are other problems.

So, with these problems in mind, I'll never actually make my $960 offset for the year. I'll maybe make $700. So, two years = $1400.

Now, I can either pocket that $1400 as "savings", OR I can "claim" my $1400 back as a bike. Clearly a person doesn't need to buy a new bike every other year. Clearly. Clearly. Rationally.

I'm pretty sure this is an "every other" year now. Sorry, did my math wrong. Next year is an "every other" year. I wonder if it will be a rational year.

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