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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Kiss of the Cabarita, a rare marsupial unicorn.

No aspiration goes unrendered in this suburb.
With time the urns and coffins and mausoleums of the architects will be covered too.
It smells of ivory.
It's recently been cleaned. (not that it needed it)
This neighbourhood exists only in the dreams of thousands of sleeping future cleaners in developing nations
and yet, here I pedal past monumental reality with hollow doors and aluminium windows.
But travel too slowly through this neighbourhood and watch out!
The grinding trowel of the tradesman will find you.
Passing as lawn art, the slow, the weak, the amazed
now stand forever pouring water into features with goldfish
only to be saved by the kiss of the Cabarita
(allegedly hunted to extinction for their ivory, for drawer pulls).

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