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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Note to self

If there is one hook I hang my hat on, one clear opinion I can take, which explains what I believe to be "the meaning of life" it's that we're here to decompose. We are pointed in the same direction as every other process in the universe. We can all agree that time ticks "forward". But I would extend this to say that space-time also moves in a single direction; towards a minimal energy state. How to make one-million-dollars from this idea?

Start a consulting firm which measures the cognitive abilities of large manufacturing businesses. By "cognitive abilities" I don't mean total employee IQ divided by the number of employees. I'm talking about the company itself as a cognitive unit. So my measure would be something more like energy consumption divided by profit, or calculations per profit ( or a mixture of those). The idea is to compare an information number with an outcome. The benchmark would be a kilo-to-kilo comparison with the sun and a human body (as the two ends of the scale) - with the human body being a measure of high cognition/efficient entropy creation - and the sun being on the low end in the efficiency stakes (see previous post)

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