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Friday, March 25, 2011

You are big.

Irrigate your days of fire.
Grow verdant, deep and green.
Let leviathan to churn the gyre
in seasons' storms to cleave.

We glow, we beam!
(a shimmer on a violent sea)
and laugh and cry.
This is the amazing thing.

Tears well hot enough to fall
In water cool and stream
Mix easily and complete
Their temperature to mean.

Dissembled signals of our woe
On accounting for this heat
Water, salt, the seeds which grow
(Added to the stream and flow)
Commingle and complete.

Return in kind the light which gave
What we were borne to bear.
All the gifts of sun to grave,
nails, skin, bone, and hair.

Who owns and cleans that body through what courses
all the blood of time?
Look! You stand to make the world more wet and strain
To see how fair, how fine
Outstretched before you this surface wash,
pushing waves behind.
Delicate and thin, this bare skin that we describe
continues floating, coursing, foaming,
carried on this tide.

An ocean of you! So much might!
Truly large and high!
But we dilute together,
and elegant time resembles
embers floating from a pyre.

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