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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take One Now

Of bows for your perfection
Of deep heartfelt sweeping bows for your beauty
Of that breathless elastic ecstatic sort of bow
To the adulation of your believers, your fans, those entrained in the turbulent currents and influences your past describes
Unless you are The One True Clown
I say you have not taken enough.
Take one now.
First stand tall with your eyes out to us.
One hand up. Then the other.
Tuck your chin to your chest
And then as graceful as that landing of a swan
That landing which could in its impossible magesty
Set the spell on Leda
Cast your arms over us, and to the ground
Fold yourself. Hide your face from us. Make us want you back. And then return your light to our faces.

How many bows have you taken?
Take one now.
This tree and that tree in the storm, they bow until they fail.
So many bison and cow and horse with every bite. At the end of their every act. Without fear. Without pride.
Take one now.
There is no encore. Take one now.

Bow to the vacuum. You are the One audience and cast. Can you balance on that ball? Can you bear it all? Take one now.

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