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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A concept and a play idea (you saw it here first)

I've been wondering for a while, something like mad libs, if there's a way to write a sort of story in superposition. So if you read the whole thing, the result is certain, but if you read only half of the words it implies one result, but the other half of the words, another result. You'd use something like a paper grate to mask half the words.

The other one is a play. First you go to a bunch of plays with a directional (parabolic) microphone and you tape all of those common settling-in conversations that people have when arriving as the audience. Then you transcribe the best of them into the bulk of the script. Then, on the day of the play, the stage is made to look exactly like the audience. You have a cast of several actors who are continually "arriving" settling and having a conversation - most of these conversations are from the script. But you also tape some of the settling-in conversations on the day. You select the best right before the play starts, quickly transcribe and feed the lines to the actors as they are walking down to their seats. So, some of the conversations are actual dialogue from the day, some are from previous plays, and maybe some are totally fictional. I think this would be very unsettling and entertaining for the audience. It might be illegal.

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