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Sunday, July 24, 2011

3minutefiction July24

Dear Cousin Jane,
From your letter you asked hows work I already told you, I don't "work". I just stand at the front of the shop and look pretty. That's what Grampa Frank always says too. So in my last letter I told you about the shop job and my smelly boss. But it's gotten better.

Smelly boss hired a boy named Adam to stock the shelves. Now it's not as boring at work anymore because we get to talk and stuff. He's pretty nice. He's a little bit cute, but I'm not going to marry him or anything.

It was really fun having you to visit early this summer. I hope we get to do that again next one. Or maybe I can come there. But Mom says it all depends on if they close the mine. Mom says if they close the mine then we might just come to live with you forever. I think that would be great. Don't you? But Mom says it wouldn't be great.

Our littlest cat Mr. Grumbles had kittens the other day. Grampa Frank says it's pretty exceptional that any Mr anything could have kittens. But we just named her before we knew she was a girl was all.

And then a funny thing happened. Well it was a little sad. Most of the kittens lived, so I think there are six. But one day an owl just swooped down out of nowhere and picked up one and just flew away. We were all sitting there and saw it and it gave us all a fright. We laughed on account of how quick it happened. And then Dad said "and then there were five. " Peter thought that was wicked, so now he keeps on saying that. Brothers are annoying. You're so lucky you don't have any. When I said to Peter that it was annoying because he keeps on saying that he said he was going to blow up one of the other kittens with and M80 and the he'd say "and then there were four. " But Dad heard him say that and hit him so hard with his work shovel that he fell down. And then at church the Pastor did a sirmen on how we should never just hurt things for fun. And he was looking right at Peter the whole time so Mom or Aunty Patty must have told.

Anyway that's about all from here. I can't wait to hear more about your acting job on a TV show. How did you even get it? But I guess it's easier to get one if you live near Hollywood anyway. So write back soon.


P.S. Thanks for sending those earings. They're beautiful. We had a meeting with Pastor and Mom was able to convince him that it was a good idea to pierce my ears and so he let us. It hurt a little, but Mom said "get used to it".

P.p.s. Peter is totally in love with you still. I caught him in my room smelling your last letter. Creep.

Take care. God Bless (I know you don't do that, but we do. So...)

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