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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Silverwater Loop

I'm not all writing and thinking. Have a look at these numbers taken on the same loop, same time of day:

June, 2010 :
29.8 km/h average
41 km/h max best pace
159avg h.r.
180peak h.r.

Yesterday :
30.5avg km/h
46.5 km/h max best pace
154avg h.r.
166peak h.r.

How to read these numbers:
Yesterday I managed over 30km/h average pace without going over 170bpm heartrate. To add to that, yesterday I was alone (no drafting), and on a much heavier bike with bigger tyres than in 2010. So, there's some real fitness gain being measured there.

I'm trying to get through winter at 100km/week. I'm on track for two weeks in a row. The measuring keeps it alive. Without the measuring, I'm pretty sure I'd get more bored and feel the cold more. Picking up the occasional "Cat6" race keeps things ticking as well. Cat6 six is when commuters fall into informal competition on their way to/from work. (see google: Cat6 +bikesnob )

update Feb 2012: strava.com membership is causing acceleration:
Feb 17 :
32.5 avg km/h
(don't have the other details handy, but 32km/h was smokin')

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