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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

3 minute fiction: Aug1 : the Cube

The Rubik's Cube can be very frustrating and may seem next to impossible to restore to its original configuration. However, once you know a few algorithms, it is very easy to solve. This has been a basic premise of science and mathematics as developed over the preceding several thousand years. But clear limitations have been revealed which suggest a new method may be required to attain a more full understanding of the world around us.

In this paper we will not suggest the form this method will take. Instead, we will chronicle a series of connections that we maintain are meaningful, but poorly developed by science. We will also propose a method of breeder reaction to further populate the solution-set of phenomenology which is not accounted for by current science.

The general family of the series is characterized by unquantifiability, intractability and /or unrecognizability. The core group who have traditionally plumbed these depths are known as "artists". We will employ the product of this group, "art", in order to provoke internal reactions. We will then register those reactions by creating our own “art” and feeding this back to the artist cohort. Thereby we hope to create a chain reaction which, when it transcends a certain threshold (critical mash) will become self sustaining, if not "runaway". We hope to contain the reaction by the use of attenuating walls in a breeder chamber (i.e. art gallery) and the concomitant noise of fuzzy logic provided by critics.

We have made several experiments outside of breeder chambers. That these experiments have gone unobserved by critics, they remain in an indeterminate super-state of being neither nothing, nor something. We will continue to monitor the progress of these “wild” experiments to determine if a sufficient reaction can be obtained to warrant further saturation. However, the observational determinism provided by the gallery provides enough value to maintain this as the focus of our efforts.

Through this process it is hoped new truths will be revealed. But we must also admit the considerable risks posed by this effort. Foremost is the hazard of "bad art", being that we are not currently qualified artists, the probability is high that what we create will be terrible and in need of safe disposal. We are currently finalizing arrangements with large hotel chains to safely display these pieces in safe “non-locations”.

The prospect of "good art" being created brings the hazard that one or many of us will become "artists" ourselves. We consider this a statistical outlier and a mere "moral hazard" at worst, risks we will leave to our parents and children to assume.

By far the least likely, but most considerable risk is that of a runaway reaction. We will leave the reader to consider the possible meaning of what we call “total art”. Initial calculations have revealed a startling relationship. We have accurately calculated that the probability of a “total art” reaction is exactly the same as the calculated probability of the existence of life. We use this result more as a high watermark of improbability than as any indication of a relationship. With the probability of “total art” being that low, we find it unnecessary to take further precautions, or pursue further discovery along this course.

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