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Monday, August 22, 2011

Run Journal 2011

The City2Surf just happened last week, or the week before. I don't know, I didn't run it (this year). I'm working on running it next year - 5 years after I ran it last time (2007). In 2007 I cracked 60minutes. In 2002 I came in at around 61minutes. The difference? In 2007 I worked to get a preferred starting position. So, that's what I'm doing now.

I've lined up a couple races - there's one in Oct, and then one in Nov. For the Oct. race I need to run under 40min/10km to qualify for a preferred starting position in the Nov. race - and in that race I'd need to run a 34:59 to get in the really good group in the 2012 City2Surf. I have serious doubts about that happening, but something like a 48:00 or a 46:00 will get me in the next-best group, so whatever.

Today I did a negative-split session: 6km @ 4:30, down to 3:58. Eye opener. Taxing. Not impossible. But the goal (6 weeks from now) is to do 10KMs, all at 3:58. That's looking difficult. And a further month beyond that to chop it down to 3:29 - verging on biologically impossible. I'm not young.

I know I'm about 5kg above where I was for the City2Surf in 2002/2007, so assuming it's "easy" to drop those 5kg, I see some figures on the web like: "4.9 sec per kg per mile". Let's say 5 seconds, over 6 miles = just over half a minute off the total time. That's like saying I need to run a 35:30 10km right now. So weight-loss is not getting me from 3:58/km to 3:29/km, but it's not hurting. I think I'll also need to shave or grease something...(seems like that's always the sporting answer. Oh, and ice. Lot's of ice.)

I'm really enjoying running. It's something I did a lot for many years, and it's nice to get back to it. It's so much harder than riding. I'm amazed at how much harder it is. I doubt the body will allow me to do much more than train for these two 10k races before it starts breaking down. I don't plan on keeping it up straight through next year. I'll pick up again probably four or five months out from the City2Surf, train up for that, race, and then let it go for another 5 years.

Many other things I should be doing. I'm so easily distracted.
But one of the reasons I wanted to write this post, to document the effort, is that I can't find much in the way of records pre-internet of 10k times. I know I have some ribbons and t-shirts, but I don't have any hard data. What was my PB 10km back in the day? I don't know. I'm guessing somewhere around 36min, but I'm also guessing that time was from the Firecracker 10k - one of my favorite Santa Cruz races, but a very bad course to peg a PB to. It's just a giant hill-climb followed by a descent. What were my times on the Turkey Trots in the mid-80s? Don't know. Oops, probably should have written something down.

Update post Oct 10k:
I got in the top 20 with in 38min 37sec. That's about 3:45 per k. Happy with that, but it's a long long way from sub 35. So I'm leaving that alone for the time being.

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