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Monday, October 24, 2011

I have a Dipping Bird on my desk which I point to now-and-again as a sort of Out of Office Assistant. Full credit to Matt Groening's Homer Simpson for showing me the full utility of employing a drinking bird in this way. Up until I saw the King-Size Homer episode, I hadn't imagined just how handy it could be as a "knowledge worker" to keep one of these guys around.

But at some point I realised that the bird is only made useful when I am not. So there's some 60% more utility I could be getting from this bird if I could figure out a job for it while I am attending to my key boards and mice clinking.

With my new drill-press, light on in the workshop, and just short of 10 minutes work I modified the birdfeet as seen in the pictures above. Now bird holds phone. 100% employment. 100% utility. Innovation is alive in the world. I believe this could be a $100,000 idea, but instead of patenting it, I share it here with the world. Copy! This informaiton wants to be free!

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