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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

If I were the coach of a rugby team, this is what I’d tell them at halftime if we were losing:

Make things great by being sure they are.
In your hand everymoment's bread, hew hollows
With Nigella's thumbs in, prise a steaming loaf gently.
Spread in there dollops of intention and your difference.
Toast to taste.
Then hamfistedly wrench the moment apart. Rend it.
At the risk of your own fingers, using all of your Neanderthal blood (we have it.), 
take the moment corporeally in your teeth. 
Do that thing to it. Eat that moment out. 
What runs down your chin, taste with your neck. 
What sounds you make make you who you are.
 We are all positive of a couple things when we eat loudly: 
              hungry comes before dead.
              eating is great. 


laamie young said...

take the moment corporeally in your teeth.
eating IS great.
living like this is great.
living is great.
tasting and eating and gnashing
is how you know you're really here.

laamie said...

just reread this one. it is epic!