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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Two Standard Deviations

The vast sinusoidal wave.
Living the averaging process, on the boil.
Two tails. One in the fire, one in the freezer.
Do the math, the many selections.
Find that drifting centre in a sea of time.
We lap, we sup, at opposite shores of average.
So special. So shining. So bright, translucent.

"10 to 15 minutes of noontime sun a day is recommended.
The alpha wavicles break a molecular bond to make vitamin D, which heals." It's one thing we need.

Another little something, and another, is something else.
A playful shove. Aw Shucks. I pulled your pigtails. Oh gee.
And those smallest of jokes hold the key to the core of your soul.

With the cups of my hands I whisper it into a corner, like an armpit, or a nape. And in pours unlocking, unfolding notes, downletting hair, and all in the sun for day to see we play the noise. Those outliers in the data. That which gets trimmed.

Curling hand over hand to plait the unruly. Washing shit off walls. Eating the dog's breakfast left on the table when the kids are in the bath. "I see Jesus on my toast." "Those clouds look like elephants." "Well done, painting a picture using error bars." (Artful in your own slop.) "..that's where you'll
find me. "

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