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Friday, May 25, 2012

Similar to a cartoon dialectic about hope.

Similar to a cartoon dialectic about hope.

In your vioce: "Do I wish? I wish constantly. Wishes issue forth from me like rain at a wedding, bullets in battle, traffic in an Italian roundabout, plague after a flood, beach sand in children's shoes, hair in a drain, vomit from a college student (her friend holding back her hair), angels' blessings in a maternity ward, mushrooms in manure, dead people's votes for Vladimir Putin, numbers on spreadsheets, Halloween candy bullied off the weak by the strong, urine stained gentlemen's slacks at an opp shop, chop sticks played on public pianos, confetti, glitter, business meetings, rubbish by the roadside, like guavas in a verdant jungle.

And my wishes come true, a certain some of those I've sown. I have created a harvest of truth.

At dawn I yoke my mind to task, to scratch the itching back of sleepy yawning voids, to tease them to dream. It's they who unmatch socks, who hide money and toys in the couch, who read the racing form and place the winning bet. Their hands guide me, even in wishing."

In my voice:"Thank you, but.
Do you ever wonder if it can be full up, if you're wishing too much, if the void might get angry or tired or careless in listening? I ask because I have a confession. I wonder. I worry. The wonder flows from me like snot from a little boy's nose sitting in a shopping cart waiting for his Mum to select just the right yogurt. The worry drags me around like a dismembered torso behind a Mexican drug-gang's pickup truck. I'm full up, angry and tired and careless. "

In your voice: "Here let me help you. I'll do what I can. "I Wish you happy.""

In my voice:"I wonder if that'll work. I'm worried it won't, but I wish it would."

In your voice:"Ah, there's hope."


laamie said...

rereading, and rereading this one..

...habit and hope and responsibilities and accidental repetitions of fate...
thanks for this. thanks for always looking so deep and extracting these fundamental truths in your way..in the way that you do... in the way in which only your way makes things acute and clear and more enigmatic at the same time...

Brendo said...

Thanks you.